How Water Filtration in San Diego Can Help You Stay Healthy and Save You Money

How Water Filtration in San Diego

Water is the basis of life, but water isn’t the same everywhere.

If you live in San Diego, you may have noticed that tap water quality isn’t always the best.

It could taste, smell, or look bad and it may contain dangerous contaminants that might affect your health and the environment. This is the reason homeowners in San Diego choose water filtration systems; due to their ability to enhance the safety of their water.

Why is water filtration in San Diego important and what can it do for you to help you be healthy and save money? Let’s take a deep dive and answer these questions and much more!

What is water filtration and how does it work?

Water filtration refers to the practice of removing undesirable substances from water; for instance, dirt, chemicals, bacteria, viruses, and metals. Several types of water filtration systems include reverse osmosis, carbon filters, UV filters, and ion exchange filters. Every system presents both pros and cons, depending on the water source, the contaminants present, and the desired water quality.

Water filtration systems can be installed as a whole house system (point of entry) or a small filtered unit (point of use) such as at the faucet, shower, or fridge. POE systems can filter the entire water supply to the house, while POU systems can filter only specific water outlets. Some homeowners might prefer to have a mixture of the two types of systems for good results.

What are the benefits of water filtration in San Diego?

Water filtration can offer many benefits for homeowners, such as:

1. Better tasting and smelling water

Chlorine, sulfur, and other chemicals that can give off a bad smell or taste can be removed using water filtration. Filtration systems can also remove the sediment and rust that can spoil the water’s appearance and make it taste funny.

Also, filtered water can improve the overall taste of your homemade drinks, foods, and recipes.

2. Healthier and safer water

Water filtration can greatly reduce the risk of infection by harmful bacteria, especially those that cause health problems like gastrointestinal illnesses, skin irritation, allergies, and even cancer.

These contaminants may include lead, arsenic, mercury, nitrates, pesticides, and microorganisms. Also, filtered water helps you stay hydrated and is able to fight infections, digest food properly, and burn calories faster.

3. Eco-friendly and cost-effective water

Filtering water may help you save money and contribute to preserving the environment. Bottled water can be pricey as well as wasteful. The EPA of the United States has reported that the citizens of the United States spend $13 billion on bottled water in a single year and only about 23% of those bottles are recycled.

Plastic bottles collect in landfills, or in bodies of water, like lakes, rivers, and the sea where they can cause harm to animals and ecosystems. You can remove these additional costs of bottled water by filtering your own water which can be particularly gratifying if you enjoy fresh and clean water everywhere, anytime.

How can you choose the best water filtration system for your home?

If you have decided to have a water filtration system in your home, you must be wondering how to select the best one for your purposes. Here are a few things to consider:

1. Your water source and quality

The first step is to test your water to know the contaminants of concern and the degree of filtration that would be necessary. You can have a free water test done by a reputable water company or get a home water test kit from a hardware store or online store.

Depending on the test results, you can choose the water filtration system that will serve the right water issues.

2. Your water usage and demand

The next step is to identify how much water you consume and need each day. You can see your water bill or use an online water calculator to get a sense of how much water you use.

Depending on the amount of water that you use daily, you will be able to choose the size and capacity of the water filtration system to satisfy your daily water demand.

3. Your budget and preferences

The final step is to look at the different water filtration systems and their prices and choose the one that goes with your budget and tastes. Costs of installation, maintenance, and warranty of the system plus the water company’s customer service and reputation should also be considered.

Online reviews are a great source of information as well. You can ask for referrals from your friends or consult a water expert to get more information on what would be the best product for you.

How can you check if your home’s filtration system is working properly?

Once you’ve gotten yourself a new home filtration system, you might want to test the waters with it (pun intended). Here are a few ways you can do this:

1. Test the water

Test your water both before and after filtration with a laboratory test or use a DIY test kit. This can be useful in comparing the contaminant levels and observing how efficient your filter is in filtering them out.

2. Clean the filter housing

Cleaning the filter housing regularly helps maintain the filter’s efficiency by removing dirt, scale, and microorganisms that may reduce the performance of the filter and cause health problems.

Make sure to replace the filter cartridges as per the manufacturer’s instructions, or when you see any change in the taste, smell, color, or pressure of water. This will allow you to sustain the best filtration capacity and quality of your system.

3. Plan annual water tests

Conducting annual water tests to monitor any changes in your water source as well as changing or upgrading your filtration system accordingly. It would help you to know whether the system is up to date and also if it still meets the standards in the industry.

4. Check the filter’s components

Testing of the system’s components including the TDS meter, the RO tank, the flow rate, the drain tubing, and the fittings, for any sign of wear and tear, damage, or malfunctions. If you notice any issue with the system, make sure to call a professional for help.

Water filtration in San Diego is vital

San Diego is a beautiful place to live in, but you need to think about your expenses and your health. The water in San Diego may not always be ideal, but with the help of a good filtration system, you can ensure that you and your family can stay healthy and happy.

Experience the benefits of water filtration in San Diego, today!

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